Ryokan Shioyu Naginoto , Karatsu

Holidays for Healing

Adults’ stay with little luxuries.
Enjoying the scenic view of Karatsu bay selected by Japan’s 100 beautiful spot, gourmet and healing at once.
The holidays for healing you have been seeking is here.

OMOTENASHI(Hospitality) for loving one

To extraordinary from dignified ordinary.
While you’re staring at the panorama of the sky and the sea, you feel your busy yesterday is fading away.
A little luxury which you can enjoy strictly selected ingredients, fresh sea foods from Genkai sea and the brand beef from Saga prefecture.
It would be splendid time with your loving one.

Welcome to Shioyunaginoto.

Our Ryokan located in the city of Karatsu, Saga prefecture.
The place blessed with sea foods and brand beef, its tastes are out of ordinary,
The scenic Karatsu bay selected as 100 Japanese beautiful spots, could be enjoyable in front of the facility.
Also you can feel the nature and be relaxed, by enjoying Japanese garden in our ryokan.

7charms of Shioyu Naginoto

1.The spa of the beauty

Pumping up the sea water from beautiful Karatsu bay, cleaned and heated up.
No water shall be added, but just flow it into the bathtub.
It’s famous for its rarity and not only for the effect on your skin, but also it’s positive effects on circulation of blood and relaxation of muscles.
The spa heat up the core of your body, but difficult to being cold. The Shioyu bath which has been told that ’better then Onsen’, could be enjoyable at the public bath and the Family bath.

2.Strictly selected cuisines

Our master chef put his heart into each dishes, which made with strictly selected ingredients, such as live squid fish from Yobuko port, and the brand beef from Saga prefecture.

3.Free 60 minutes private bath use

Accommodated guests can use family bath for an hour.

4.Self Bar – all you can drink for free!

All-you-can-drink at self-serviced Bar Salon Tsuru.
You can enjoy snacks like fresh ham, nuts and cheese.

5.Recommended Nihonshu

Saga prefecture is famous for Nihonshu(Japanese sake made from the rice), while other provinces in Kyushu island are famous for Sochu (distilled from sweet potatoes, buckwheat and others.)
Saga prefecture is famous for Japanese sake (Nihonshu), while the Kyushu island’s main stream is dominated by 「Shochu」.
Among the various Sake(Nihonshu), Saga prefecture’s Sake(Nihonshu) – Nabeshima Daiginjo has awarded by IWC (International Wine Challenge) Japanese wine division, it make Saga’s Sake(Nihonshu) more famous.
We prepared many kind of Sake(Nihonshu) which can’t be seen at any other accommodation, also we provide the tasting set of Sake(Nihonshu) – Kikizake set - as a drink menu.
We proudly suggest you to enjoy our Sake(Nihonshu) line -ups.

6.Rest on special Futon bed

Our futon bed, strictly focused on comfortable sleep has originally developed.
It guides you to deep and relaxed sleep.

7.Free colorful Yukata rental
(Traditional Japanese bathrobe)

We prepared 19 yukatas for women, and 5 yukatas for men, which you can feely put on while you’re staying.Special stay begins with special garment.

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FREE wi-fi available in public area
2 charge plugs for Electric Vehicle.

You can charge all EV-PHEV from major Japanese vehicle makers.

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